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Pediatric Specialty Care
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2512 Building, Third Floor
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Medical Minute

University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital offers patients and families the widest range of pediatric specialty care in the Twin Cities with more than 50 pediatric specialties and subspecialties and has one of the nation’s top 20 pediatric research programs.

We participate in local, national and international studies and apply the findings to give your child the latest treatments in patient care. University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital providers share information on health topics in these Medical Minute recordings: 


Laguna_Theresa_1265531768_thumb      Asthma                           
Terri Laguna, MD
Pediatric pulmonologist
Boisclair-Fahey_Anne_1932145158_small    Bedwetting                      
Anne Boisclair-Fahey, CNP, DNP
Pediatric urology nurse practitioner

Nathan_Brand0n_1891738530_small    Diabetes
Brandon Nathan, MD
Pediatric endocrinologist

Fox_Claudia_1306877709_Thumb   Weight Management     
Claudia Fox, MD, MPH

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