Christopher Boys, PhD, LP

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Sarafoglou, K., Redlinger, K., Boys, C., Charnas, L., Otten, N., Broock, R., Nyhan, W. (2010). Lesch-Nyhan Variant Syndrome: Variable Presentation in 3 Affected Family members. Arch Neurol, 67(6), 761-764.

Pylipow, M, Spector, L., Puumala, S., Boys, C., Cohen, J., Georgieff., M. (2009). Early postnatal weight gain, intellectual performance, and body mass index (BMI) at 7 years of age in term infants with intrauterine growth-restriction (IUGR). Journal of Pediatrics, 154). 201-206.

Boys, C., Ternand, C. (2006). Psychological Issues in Diabetes: Transitioning from Parent-managed Care to a Shared-Care Approach. On the Cutting Edge, 91(2), 58-63.

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